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Sermon Illustrations about Shepherd

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Shepherd to help bring your sermon to life.

Living Life with Eyes Wide Open

We had an incident while Jet Skiing off the coast of Wellington [during our family vacation to New Zealand]. I had taken the Skis out by myself for a ...

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Medical Student Learns Valuable Lesson

In his book Better: A Surgeon's Notes on Performance, Atul Gawande recalls a patient he encountered during his final year of medical school. The older ...

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Sheep Teach Pastor about Ministry

In his book Building a Church of Small Groups, Bill Donahue relays a story from his time as a part-time youth pastor while attending seminary. He was ...

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450 Sheep Jump to Their Deaths

It all started with one self-destructive leap.

Shepherds eating breakfast outside the town of Gevas, Turkey, were surprised to see a lone sheep jump off ...

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Discouraged Woman Learns What Good Shepherds Do

As a young mother, one Christmas brought Brenda Nixon to despair. Amid all the holiday stress, her husband's job was shaky and the grim possibility of ...

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Maximilian Kolbe Dies for Another

In February 1941, Father Maximilian Kolbe was arrested by the Gestapo and sent to Auschwitz. He was a Polish Monk who founded a Franciscan order near ...

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Two Sheep Lost

At Chancy Lutheran Church in Clinton, Iowa, the kids from VBS were preparing for their grand finale production of "The Good Shepherd." Guests ...

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Save the Lamb to Save the Ram

Several years ago we were kneeling on cushions around a long, low dining table in a private hotel suite in Japan. The air was seasoned with celery and ...

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Using a Shepherd Boy

While traveling in Jordan, Leadership journal editor Marshall Shelley noted:

While driving through the countryside and small towns, you're impressed ...

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Preaching to One

Here's an easy method for testing whether a sermon can deliver: ... Change the setting from a public situation to an individual one. Take away the ...

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