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Sermon Illustrations about Shame

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Shame to help bring your sermon to life.

Booing the Fireworks Guy

In a pro baseball game, lighting up the stadium with fireworks after the home team hits a homerun is nothing new. But fireworks after the visiting team ...

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Covenant Eyes Quotes Porn Addicts

Covenant Eyes, a Christian company that sells internet accountability software, receives thousands of emails from people struggling with viewing online ...

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Man Waits 70 Years to Confess His Crime

According to a story in the Telegraph, "A 91-year-old man has confessed to murdering a London prostitute nearly 70 years ago, representing what is ...

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You've Been Shamed

An NPR article reports, "Jonah Lehrer, a once popular science writer, fabricated some quotes he attributed to Bob Dylan, then lying about it. Mike ...

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The World Cup: A Life Lesson from Penalty Kicks

In the World Cup many of the matches will be determined by one of the tensest showdowns in pro sports: the PK, or penalty kick. It's over in about ...

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Standing in Line with V.D. Patients

Christian author John White tells the story of his days as a medical student. For one of his classes, he missed a practicum about venereal disease and ...

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Actor Johnny Depp's Need to Hide

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine Johnny Depp admitted his difficulties in connecting with other people. Depp said:

Covering myself up in makeup, ...

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World Food Bank Interviews the Poor

In the early 1990s the World Bank tried a new approach in their attempts to alleviate world poverty: they started consulting with the real experts on ...

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Matt Chandler Overcomes Condemnation through Christ's Grace

Matt Chandler tells the following story about what happened after speaking at a conference near his hometown:

When I was done preaching, I decided to hop ...

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Author Writes a Break-Up Letter to His "Fear of What Others Think"

Dear Fear-Of-What-Others-Think:

I am sick of you, and it's time we broke up. I know we've broken up and gotten back together many times, but seriously, ...

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