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Online Confessions Reveal Struggles with Body Image

Author Diana Spechler launched a website that gives people the chance to anonymously confess their true feelings about their bodies. So far, thousands of people (mostly women) from all over the world have responded. The following quotes represent some of the posts that have received the most "been there" clicks:

  • I hate everything about my body and often feel guilty because I should be thankful I even have a [healthy] body …. I have no missing limbs, no diseases, no Actual faults. I'm tired and exhausted of hating my blessed body!
  • I constantly compare myself to other women.
  • I eat when I'm depressed, and then I get more depressed.
  • Sometimes when I see a woman fatter than me, I'm glad she's making me look better.
  • I want to lock myself up until I'm thin again.
  • I constantly compare myself to other women. Weight, skin, hair, clothes. More often than not, I find myself lacking in most areas.
  • I continually base my worth on what other people look like …. I don't know how to feel comfortable in my own skin.
  • I love food for how it makes me feel. I hate food for how it makes me feel.
  • I am incredibly jealous of all those people who eat whatever they want and never gain a pound.
  • I just want to look in the mirror and feel happy.

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