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Sermon Illustrations about Rumor

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Rumor to help bring your sermon to life.

The Remarkable Power of Belief

You've all heard about "the placebo effect," the power of the brain to help alleviate pain or disease merely by the belief that treatment ...

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Rumors Fuel the 'Toilet Paper Scare' of 1973

For most Americans, 1973 was marred by shortages. After the stock market crashed and lost 45 percent of its value, there were shortages of oil, gasoline, ...

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Small Town Embittered by Anonymous Gossip

In September 2011, The New York Times ran an article about a small town in Missouri called Mountain Grove. Gossip and rumors have always existed in this ...

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What Is Your Biggest Sin?

Three preachers were on a non-productive fishing trip when they began to discuss various topics to pass the time. One preacher said he thought it would ...

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Skeptics Given Proof

Erik Weihenmayer, the blind mountaineer who recently successfully scaled Mount Everest, writes in Outside magazine:

A few days after I arrived in the Khumbu ...

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Lies' Long Lives

One of the striking differences between a cat and a lie is a cat only has nine lives.

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Table-Talk Forbidden

Augustine encouraged conversation at meals--but with a strictly enforced rule that the character of an absent person should never be negatively discussed. ...

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Slander a Sign of Youthful Arrogance

It is a sign of youthful arrogance to try to build up a reputation by assailing prominent figures.

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The Problem with Grumblers

Grumblers seldom take their issue directly to those who can resolve it.

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