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Sermon Illustrations about Roles

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Roles to help bring your sermon to life.

'The Good Wife's Guide' from 1965

On May 13, 1965, Housekeeping Monthly offered the following advice to women in what they called "The Good Wife's Guide":

Plan ahead, even the night before, ...

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Creator of Hollywood's Smallest Sounds

You know that squeaking chair sound or the footsteps and swishing of pants you hear on TV and in the movies. Let us to introduce you to their creator: ...

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Too Much Talent Hurts Sports Teams

When it comes to winning games, most pro sports teams go after talented players. Everyone wants a team of stars. But a new research study published in ...

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Pit Crew Works as a Team

In 1950, Indy car pit crews consisted of four men—including the driver! No one was allowed to get near the car except this small crew of specialists. ...

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Female Athlete on What Saved Her Marriage

Former professional volleyball star and fitness expert Gabrielle Reece recently revealed her controversial "secret" to creating a successful ...

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Mother "Fails" Parenting Class

When our daughter, Kathy, was participating in a parenting class at her church, she explained to her 6-year-old daughter, Kayla, that she was taking a ...

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Mom's Impressive Job Description

Author and preacher Tony Campolo said that when his wife, Peggy, was at home fulltime with their children and someone would ask, "And what is it that ...

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What Men Have to Give to Make Families Work

Sociologist Maggie Gallagher writes:

The reality of family life is that men have to really give quite a lot to women and to children in order to make ...

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St. Bernard Gives Up Dogs to Care for People

A controversy has arisen in Switzerland regarding the well known St. Bernard dogs and the accompanying St. Bernard hospice that have kept watch over an ...

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"My Big Fat Greek Wedding": A Wife's Influence

Maria Portokalos assures her daughter, Toula, that she can change her husband's mind about allowing Toula to go to college and leave the family business: ...

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