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Creator of Hollywood's Smallest Sounds

You know that squeaking chair sound or the footsteps and swishing of pants you hear on TV and in the movies. Let us to introduce you to their creator: Gregg Barbanell, the man who creates theses small sounds. In over 35 years as a "Foley" artist, he has over 500 credits to his name, including the hit TV shows Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and even the movie Little Miss Sunshine. "Barbanell's job—to create custom, post-production effects for movies—can be broken down into three components: 'cloth, feet, and props.'" Without these small sounds these shows would be missing something.

Possible Preaching Angle:

Even the smallest sounds play an important part in the entire plot of the movie or TV show, just like the smallest contributions—even a cup of cold water! - are important in God's kingdom.


Zachary Crockett, “The Man Who Makes Hollywood's Smallest Sounds,” Priceonomics (3-21-15)

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