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Sermon Illustrations about Revenge

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Revenge to help bring your sermon to life.

A Mob Murders Two Men Based on a Rumor

In Walter Van Tilburg Clark's novel The Ox-Bow Incident, an exited youth passes on a rumor that popular rancher has been murdered and his cattle stolen. ...

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Leonardo DiCaprio and Revenge Stories

Revenant, a film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, tells the apparently true story of Hugh Glass (played by DiCaprio), a fur trapper who is attacked and severely ...

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Actor Rob Lowe's Advice on Resentment

In a recent (2015) interview with GQ, actor Rob Lowe admits he got sober through public humiliation. The pretty boy of the 1980s TV show Brat Pack, Lowe ...

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Finding Forgiveness 43 Years Later

In 1975, suspected criminal Wendell Beard slipped out of his police handcuffs, jumped out of a police station window, and landed on the sidewalk 14 feet ...

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A Revenge Obsession from Moby Dick

Herman Melville's Moby Dick tells a story of revenge and obsession. Captain Ahab, a whaler, loses a leg to a white whale. A smoldering anger begins to ...

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Man Forgives His Son's Murderer

Dr. Robert Smith, a pastor and seminary professor, writes movingly of his struggle to forgive:

I remember so very well October 30th, I will never forget ...

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At the Cross God Didn't Respond Like WW2 Soldiers

According to Rick Atkinson in The Guns at Last Light, as WW2 drew to a close, American took more reprisals against German soldiers. The violence of war ...

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George Washington's $300,000 Library Fine

While George Washington was in his first term as president, He borrowed the book The Law of Nations by Emmerich de Vattel from the historic New York Society ...

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Outcast Meets the God of Justice

Bible scholar Christopher Wright tells a moving story about a friend from India who was led to Christ by reading the Old Testament. At the time he taught ...

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Two Doctors Start Brawl Over Cotton Swab

It all started with a cotton swab. Dr. Mohan Korgaonkar was the surgeon, and Dr. Kwok Wei Chan was assisting as the anesthesiologist. The nurse stood ...

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