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Actor Rob Lowe's Advice on Resentment

In a recent (2015) interview with GQ, actor Rob Lowe admits he got sober through public humiliation. The pretty boy of the 1980s TV show Brat Pack, Lowe spent his early 20s enjoying fame and women. "In those days, the pre-sobriety days, it was, like, all good. You know: However I can get there … I was perfectly happy." But Lowe's career came crashing to a halt, he hit bottom, and entered rehab for his addiction.

He hasn't had a drink since. What's his secret? Lowe said, "For someone in recovery like me, the single greatest hurdle—the number one with a bullet that will make you drink—is resentment. You can't have it. People always say, 'How have you been sober 26 years? What's the secret?' Well, that's it."

Possible Preaching Angles: Rob Lowe is not a believer nor does he espouse a Christian worldview, but this quote does express a key biblical truth.

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