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Resentment that Meditation Can't Heal

Mike Love, 74, is one of the original members of the Beach Boys, known for his contribution to such hits as "California Girls," "Help Me Rhonda," "I Get Around," and others. But according to a recent article in Rolling Stone, the most important thing to know about Love is that he meditates twice a day, without fail, and has done so for 49 years. "It helps you deal with whatever you're dealing with," said Love. "I meditate in order to cope with things."

And over the years, he's certainly had a lot to deal with: a former wife had an affair with his cousin Dennis Wilson, also a member of the Beach Boys; Love's name didn't make it onto the publishing credits for many of the Beach Boys early songs—something Love filed a lawsuit over; as well as a strained relationship with Brian Wilson—considered to be the genius behind the Beach Boys.

So has 49 years of twice-daily meditation helped Love? When asked what he would say to his cousin and former band-mate Brian Wilson if he were standing before him, Love responded, "I'd probably say, 'I love you,'" moisture gathering in the corner of his eyes. "And I love what we did together. And let's do it again."

But then he gives his head a shake, narrows his eyes, any wetness there drying up, frowns and once again gives voice to what no amount of meditation can ever smooth over. "I've been ostracized," he says quietly. "Vilified …"

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