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Sermon Illustrations about Repent

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Repent to help bring your sermon to life.

Lindsay Lohan Faces Her Problems

In 2011, after being convicted of stealing a necklace, actress Lindsey Lohan was sentenced to work 12-hour shifts at a county morgue twice a week for ...

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Peyton and Eli Manning Get Help from Old Coach

Peyton Manning will retire with the best quarterback statistics in the history of the NFL. His younger brother Eli is also an elite NFL quarterback. Yet, ...

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People Resist Exiting Dangerous Fires

Psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Grosz points to research that shows we usually don't respond when a fire alarm rings. Instead, of leaving the building immediately, ...

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The Doctrine of Prior Agenda

In Fast Company Richard Bolles, author of What Color Is Your Parachute?, was asked, "What stands in the way of people finding their mission?" ...

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