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Sermon Illustrations about Repent

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Repent to help bring your sermon to life.

Scientific Research Marred by Sinful Drives

A 2009 report from Edinburgh University found that a third of scientific medical researchers admitted anonymously to scientific fraud, with nearly three-fourths ...

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District Attorney Apologizes for Wrongful Conviction

Attorney A.M. "Marty" Stroud III, of Shreveport, Louisiana was the lead prosecutor in the December 1984 first-degree murder trial of Glenn Ford, who was ...

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Young Adults' Prayers Lack Repentance and Praise

Researcher Christian Smith's book, Soul Searching: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers, concludes that many young American adults ...

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Inmates Think They Are More Moral

Many studies have shown that people tend to exaggerate their own positive characteristics and abilities. For instance, studies have shown that most drivers ...

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Yale Student Wrestles with Morality After Religion

In February 2015 the Higher Education Research Institute released the results of its annual "Freshman Survey," a questionnaire given to over 150,000 first-year ...

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Tim Keller on the Rats in the Cellar

Pastor Timothy Keller paraphrases an analogy originally used by C.S. Lewis (in his book Mere Christianity) to demonstrate the nature of sin in our hearts. ...

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Calorie Labels Don't Change Eating Habits

In November 2014, the Food and Drug Administration released its rule for calorie counts on chain restaurants. The final rule is pretty tough: it even ...

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Actor Bill Murray: 'We're not that Wonderful'

In a recent (2014) interview, the actor Bill Murray was asked about his current eligible bachelor status. (Murray went through a painful divorce in 2009.) ...

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Research on the Harm of 'Small Cheaters'

Researcher Dan Ariely did a massive study to try and understand why some people lie, cheat, and steal. Ariely and his team went to college campuses and ...

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President Andrew Jackson Learns to Forgive His Enemies

On July 8, 1838, the seventh president of the United States, General Andrew Jackson, informed his minister, the Reverend Dr. John Edgar, that he wanted ...

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