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Sermon Illustrations about Purification

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Purification to help bring your sermon to life.

Kids Playing Mud Football Realize They're Playing in Sewage

In his book Glorious Mess, Mike Howerton tells the following story about a childhood experience playing "mud football." After a huge downpour, ...

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The Art of Maple Sugaring Compared to the Discipleship Process

When it comes to syrup, there's a reason the real stuff is pricy. Through a slow and painstaking process, the traditional Native American art of maple ...

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Woman Healed of Wounds from Sexual Abuse

When Marion Duckworth was in first grade, the Depression had just ended, and talking about anything related to sex—especially sexual abuse—was ...

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Cleaning a Deadly Infection

Author Rose Sweet writes:

I flew to the Midwest to visit my little brother, Fred, one of the top spine surgeons in the United States. Fred picked me up ...

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C. S. Lewis Gives Picture of Sanctification

In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, C. S. Lewis tells of how a young boy named Eustace becomes a dragon—a very unhappy dragon at that. Eustace steals ...

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When You Feel Boiled in Oil

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is one of the fastest-growing franchises in America. In addition to their unique taste, a key to Krispy Kreme's phenomenal ...

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Pitiless Purity?

According to Roman Catholic theologian H. Daniel-Rops, "[John Calvin was] one of the terribly pure men who pitilessly enforced principles."

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The Highlands of Holiness

When an observatory is about to be built, the site selected is always on some high mountain. The aim is to find a place where there is a clear, unobstructed ...

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Clean Hands

Sleep with clean hands, either kept clean all day by integrity or washed clean at night by repentance.

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Taking Out the Garbage

After I graduated from Dallas Seminary, waiting on my first ministry, I went home to live with my mother. My mom gave me chores. She said, "One of ...

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