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When You Feel Boiled in Oil

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is one of the fastest-growing franchises in America. In addition to their unique taste, a key to Krispy Kreme's phenomenal success is its strategic blueprint for individual shops. Customers are able to watch through a wall of glass while doughnuts are created along an assembly-line conveyor system.

First the little balls of dough are shot through with a piercing blast of air to create a hole. Then the flat doughnuts are forced to spend time in the "proof box" where they ride a vertical elevator up and down in an atmosphere of heat and humidity. This is what allows the flat dough to rise. Then the soon-to-be delicacies are dropped into hot oil in order to be cooked thoroughly. As the circular survivors of such an intense ordeal make their way toward the end of the line, they pass through a cascading waterfall of icing.

Just as the poor doughnut's trial produces a product of great delight to the customer, the trials God allows in our lives bring about in us what delights him.

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