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Sermon Illustrations about Presence of God

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Presence of God to help bring your sermon to life.

Life Here and Now

Listening to a student read the Scripture in seminary chapel, Joseph Sittler, now blind, heard something he'd never heard before. "Yea, though ...

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On Holy Ground

I am often more likely to sense God's presence while engaging in a challenging conversation with a supposed non-believer than while sitting in a "required" ...

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The Day the King Visited Chapel

When I was a freshman in college--I attended Wheaton College in Illinois--one day it was announced that Dr. V. Raymond Edman would preach. It was a great ...

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What Courage Is

Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.

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Faith on the Death March

Philip Crosby, in his book March Till They Die, tells of a forced march of American and European soldiers in Korea. In November of 1950, the North Koreans ...

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The Danger of Moderate Success

Moderate success in ministry is a spiritual hazard. It can make us content to live without the manifest presence of God.

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Christ: Here After Christmas

Jesus is not to us as Christmas is to the world, here today and gone tomorrow.

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Living in Relationship

Just as husband and wife live out their lives against the backdrop of being married, so do we live out the entirety of our lives against the backdrop ...

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Glimpsing God's Surprises

The deer are in the forest, but often all you get are glimpses. Like God's surprises.

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No Common Voice

I can just come to imagine for myself that a man of more or less my own biological and social composition could have written Hamlet or Lear and gone home ...

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