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Sermon Illustrations about Presence of God

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Presence of God to help bring your sermon to life.

On Beyond Zebra

This morning I want to launch us into the message with a reading from one of the great minds in theology--Dr. Seuss. I have here a dog-eared copy of On ...

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God with Us--Year 'Round

[My husband] came back down from the attic for another load of decorations. "Haven't you finished packing up the manger?" he asked.

"I ...

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Being Surprised by God

Marketplace thought about the presence of God is one of sentimental familiarity. Country-western songs speak of "having a little talk with Jesus" ...

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God Is What Makes Heaven

My family and I have lived in the same house for seventeen years. We've lived there more than twice as long as I have lived at any other address in ...

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Drawn to God

There is within us all a magnetic draw to seek God's presence in a more exclusive way, focusing on divine attention rather than our own egocentric ...

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To Live in God's Presence

The most holy practice, the nearest to daily life, and the most essential for the spiritual life, is the practice of the presence of God, that is to find ...

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Divine Partnership

Arthur Gossip, a hard-bitten pastor in a slum church in Glasgow, tells of how, at the end of a long day of visiting his parishioners, he arrived late ...

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Never Alone

Happy and strong and brave shall we be--able to endure all things, and to do all things--if we believe that every day, every hour, every moment of our ...

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Life Here and Now

Listening to a student read the Scripture in seminary chapel, Joseph Sittler, now blind, heard something he'd never heard before. "Yea, though ...

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On Holy Ground

I am often more likely to sense God's presence while engaging in a challenging conversation with a supposed non-believer than while sitting in a "required" ...

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