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Sermon Illustrations about Premarital Counseling

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Premarital Counseling to help bring your sermon to life.

Actor Will Smith's Positive View of Marriage

Actor Will Smith discussed his marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith, revealing that the nearly 20 years they've been together have been filled with ups and ...

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Our Culture's Three Views of Marriage

New York Times columnist David Brooks argues that there are three different lenses through which to think about marriage decisions—the psychological, ...

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How Long It Takes for Romance Chemicals to Dissipate

When scientists studied the brain chemistry of the newly love struck they found that certain chemicals are elevated when love is new. Researchers at the ...

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Unrealistic Expectations in Marital Intimacy

Marriage therapist Lori Gottlieb claims that modern marriages are often fraught with incredibly high expectations, especially around sexual satisfaction. ...

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Surprising Factors That Predict Divorce

Two researchers at Emory University studied 3,000 married couples in the U.S. to determine the factors that predicted divorce. They discovered some surprising ...

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Author's Glib Attitude Toward Marriage

Alice Gregory is a columnist for The New York Times Book Review and has written for the New Yorker, Harper's, and other American magazines. In ...

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Modern Marriages Loaded with Ridiculously High Expectations

In a popular TED talk titled "The secret to desire in a long-term relationship," psychotherapist Esther Perel, who has counseled hundreds of couples who ...

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'GQ' Magazine Promotes Do-it-yourself Weddings

GQ magazine ran an article for men titled "The only rule [about your wedding] is you have to say 'I Do.'" The editors for GQ add, "God will understand ...

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Holding Hands—The 'Spice' of a 47-Year Marriage

Gerontologist Dr. Karl Pillemer, whose new book 30 Lessons for Loving is drawn from 700 interviews, discovered that older adults "place intimacy as a ...

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Social Media Use Impact on Marriage

In a study in the February issue of Computers and Human Behavior, the authors noted that those who didn't use social media sites at all "reported being ...

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