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Sermon Illustrations about Poverty, spiritual

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Poverty, spiritual to help bring your sermon to life.

The Unconsciously Incompetent

To be unconsciously incompetent is far from blissful ignorance. In fact, when I think about areas of my life where I don't know and don't know ...

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Trivial Pursuit

In biblical days prophets were astir while the world was asleep; today the world is astir while church and synagogue are busy with trivialities.

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Spiritual Poverty of the West

The spiritual poverty of the Western world is much greater than the physical poverty of our people. You in the West have millions of people who suffer ...

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Training for Failure

The increase of suicides, alcoholics, and even some forms of nervous breakdowns is evidence that many people are training for success when they should ...

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In Religious Ruts

Think about people who find themselves in religious ruts. They discover a number of things about themselves. They will find that they are getting older ...

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