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Sermon Illustrations about Popularity

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Popularity to help bring your sermon to life.

Watch Out for Wealthy Clerics

Shun, as you would the plague, a cleric who from being poor has become wealthy, or who, from being nobody has become a celebrity.

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The Celebrity Syndrome

Bible-signing can be very humbling. On occasion, when I have spoken at the same church several times, I have had to tell a child that my name is already ...

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Faithfulness Is Better

It is better to be faithful than famous.

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Prideful Deceits

Let's--all of us--decide to stop trying to convince the world that Christianity is true because Jesus makes us prettier, happier, thinner, wealthier, ...

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The Power of Witnessing

When John Grisham wrote a book called A Time To Kill, it sold just five thousand copies in hard cover. I don't think it was advertised, ever made ...

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The Life of an Insight

A new insight is quite sound when a master uses it, cheapens as it becomes popular, and is unendurable when it is merely fashionable.

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The Prevalence of Peer Pressure

More than a hundred years ago, Soren Kierkegaard warned that the age of the crowd was upon us. In such an age, said Kierkegaard, people would not think ...

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Following the Right Course

In a NCAA cross-country championship held in Riverside, California, 123 of the 128 runners missed a turn. One competitor, Mike Delcavo, stayed on the ...

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Cowardice, Consensus, and Conscience

Cowardice asks the question: Is it safe? Consensus asks the question: Is it popular? Conscience asks: Is it right?

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God Knows Who We Really Are

He has great tranquility and peace of heart who does not regard praise or blame, and he will soon be at peace and content who has a good conscience. You ...

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