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Sermon Illustrations about Persecution

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Persecution to help bring your sermon to life.

Facing Persecution for Righteousness

George Galatis was an engineer at Millstone Nuclear Power Station in Waterford, Connecticut, when he discovered something was wrong. Spent fuel-rod pools ...

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Courageous Fishers of Men

The movie, The Perfect Storm, well described the dangers of the fishing industry through the eyes of the crew of the fishing boat, the Andrea Gail.

Out ...

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Forced to Renounce Christianity

If you become an evangelical Christian in Laos, the communist neighbor of Vietnam and Cambodia, you likely will be "asked" to sign a fill-in-the-blank ...

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Politically Correct Christmas Carols

Scott Norvell reports on Foxnews.com that members of the Music Department at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania are creating a disc of holiday music ...

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Discipleship Is Serious Business

Service in the armed forces of the United States is more than free tourism or government-funded education. It is perilous duty in service to a nation ...

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Degrees of Persecution

In a recent article on the suffering church, FaithWorks listed the degrees of persecution one could face for practice of religious faith:

1. Disapproval ...

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John Lennon and Jesus

Two books on John Lennon claim the ex-Beatle experienced a brief period as a born-again Christian during the 1970s. While living the life of a virtual ...

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Glory Follows Suffering

On September 2, 1945 the documents of surrender officially ending World War II were signed by the Japanese and designated representatives of allied nations. ...

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When the Hour of Danger Comes

Christ kept himself from suffering till his hour had come, but when it did come he met it as a free man, seized it, and mastered it. We are not Christ, ...

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Life Without Fear

He who loves God with all his heart dreads neither death, torment, judgment, nor hell, for perfect love opens a sure passage to God.

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