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Sermon Illustrations about Murmuring

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Murmuring to help bring your sermon to life.

After a Complaint, Man Invents New Typeface

If you open up your word processing software and start typing, chances are you're looking at a typeface called Times New Roman. It's so common that we ...

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CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings on the Need for Feedback

Sally Smith, the CEO of the wildly popular Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant chain, was asked, "What are some things you've learned about leading and managing ...

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50 Percent of Americans Want to Move to Another State

New research shows that many of us really do believe that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Researchers for Gallup measured residents' ...

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Ten Years of Research Shows the Benefits of Gratitude

A growing body of research has tied an attitude of gratitude with a number of positive emotional and physical health benefits. A November 2010 article ...

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Comedian Louis C.K. on Our Ingratitude and Impatience

Editor's Note: The video for this illustration contains some objectionable words. This edited transcript has deleted or revised any offensive content.

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Three Images for Gratitude: Soil, Lubricant, and Glue

In her book The Gift of Thanks, Margaret Visser uses three concrete images to convey the power of gratitude—gratitude as soil, lubricant, and glue. ...

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Actor Ashton Kutcher on Complainers

I miss being around people that don't complain. I'm in the drama business, and there are a lot of dramatic people that seem to be not very happy ...

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For Your Information

Over coffee: "All I'm trying to say is that certain people might think that 12:15 is a little late to be getting out of church, that a pastor doesn't ...

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How to Handle Criticism

The best way to handle criticism is to respond quickly, directly, and sensitively.

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A Model of Obedience

Never excuse. Never explain. Never complain.

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