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Sermon Illustrations about Money

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Money to help bring your sermon to life.

Baseball Card Nets $7.2m Due to Name

Sportswriter Jason Gay wrote an article about a rare baseball card of the famous Babe Ruth.

At first glance, it looked like an ordinary, unexceptional, ...

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The Addictive Nature of Kindness

Kindness can be addictive and one small gesture can start a chain reaction of kindness according to readers of The Wall Street Journal who have written ...

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Staffing Algorithms Lead to Care Shortage

Brookdale Senior Living is one of the industry's leading providers of senior adult care, with over 600 facilities across the United States. But employees ...

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Many Dislike Tech Billionaires, but Envy Them

According to a survey, 37% of Americans think billionaires are terrible role models, and 49% said they have overall negative feelings towards them. And ...

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Man Throws $200K in Cash from Car

An Oregon man recently threw $200,000 in cash onto a local highway until police asked him to stop due to the risk to pedestrians endangering themselves ...

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Billionaire Secretly Gives Away Fortune

Charles Feeney was raised by working-class parents who struggled during the Depression to pay a $32 monthly mortgage. He served in the Air Force and got ...

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Rich More Likely to Steal from Self-Checkout

Theft—or "shrinkage" as the retail industry calls it—is a big problem for stores that use self-checkout kiosks. The machines have ...

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How Much More Money to Be Happy?

About seven in ten respondents in a survey said they strongly or somewhat agreed with the statement: “Having more money would solve most of my problems.” ...

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Where Your Treasure Is

Susan Mettes, Associate Editor at CT magazine, writes:

I have a clear early memory of first learning to ride a bike. When I had finally found enough balance ...

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How AI Short-Circuits Creativity

In 2023 the ad agency Design Army created an entire campaign using only generative AI. In it, a world of impossible buildings, floating hats, and gigantic ...

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