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Sermon Illustrations about Money, love of

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Money, love of to help bring your sermon to life.

The Strength of John Calvin

The strength of that heretic [Calvin] consisted in this, that money never had the slightest charm for him. If I had such servants my dominion would extend ...

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Watch Out for Wealthy Clerics

Shun, as you would the plague, a cleric who from being poor has become wealthy, or who, from being nobody has become a celebrity.

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Going to the Highest Bidder

He that serves God for money will serve the Devil for better wages.

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The Greed of a Millionaire

A chapter heading in Calvin Miller's book A Requiem for Love reads:

A beggar asked a millionaire

"How many more dollars

Would it take to

Make you ...

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The Dangers of Money

If anyone does not refrain from the love of money, he will be defiled by idolatry and so be judged as if he were one of the heathen.

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The Love of Money in America

No stigma attaches to the love of money in America, and provided it does not exceed the bounds imposed by public order, it is held in honor. The American ...

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Cost of Living

What some people mistake for the high cost of living is really the cost of high living."

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The Origin of Simony

Simon Magus

First Century A.D.

Simon Magus set the precedent for the misuse of money that has plagued the Church for two millennia. His practice of sorcery ...

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Richest Dead Man

There's no reason to be the richest man in the cemetery.

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Two Lives, Two Goals

Nearly 200 years ago there were two Scottish brothers named John and David Livingstone. John had set his mind on making money and becoming wealthy, and ...

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