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Can't Take It with You

In All Is Calm, Donna Schaper writes:

There we were, two twenty-eight-year-olds in love, on the rim of the Grand Canyon on New Year's Eve. As we watched the sun go down, we remembered the hotel was full and we needed a place to stay.
My husband had a brainstorm. "I'll bet the ranger in the bottom of the canyon is lonely, especially tonight. Let's call him and see how he would feel about having some guests."
The ranger's telephone number was in the book. We dialed, explained our situation, and offered to bring groceries down.
Gary, the ranger, said he and his wife, Gina, would love company.
A half hour after dusk we were on our way down. After an uneventful passage down the curving canyon, we arrived at the bottom. We were invited into their large cabin and they served us a nice dinner. Then they showed us their "sports room." It was full of abandoned sports equipment—high-class hiking boots, expensive back packs, fancy hats, and even fancier walking sticks. "People can walk in easily enough with all of this stuff," he said, "they just can't walk out."

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