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Sermon Illustrations about Mentor

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Mentor to help bring your sermon to life.

The Wisdom of Obedience

The true pupil, say of some great musician or painter, yields his master a wholehearted and unhesitating submission. In practicing his scales or mixing ...

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Transcript of the Heart

In commenting on the success of his work The Saints' Everlasting Rest, Baxter said: "And I found that the transcript of the heart hath the greatest ...

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The Way into the Scriptures

You cannot make your way into the Holy Scriptures without having someone to go before you and show you the road.

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Timothy, Paul's Trusted Confidant

Despite his youth, Timothy quickly gained Paul's confidence and served as his trusted companion and emissary for 17 years.

Timothy was born in Lystra ...

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Paul, Barnabas, and Timothy

Every man should seek to have three individuals in his life: a Paul, a Barnabas, and a Timothy.

A Paul is an older man who is willing to mentor you, to ...

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Nothing Grows under the Banyan Tree

"Nothing grows under a banyan tree." This South Indian proverb speaks of leadership styles. The banyan is a great tree. It spreads its branches, ...

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