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Timothy, Paul's Trusted Confidant

Despite his youth, Timothy quickly gained Paul's confidence and served as his trusted companion and emissary for 17 years.

Timothy was born in Lystra in Asia Minor to a Greek father and a Jewish mother, Eunice. He, his mother, and grandmother probably became Christians when Paul and Barnabas preached in Lystra during their first missionary journey. When Paul returned a year or so later, he invited Timothy to join him and Silas.

Somehow, he managed to stay out of harm's way--he was not jailed with Paul and Silas in Philippi, and he avoided the riot in Thessalonica. But when Paul needed an envoy to return to Thessalonica to encourage the new believers there, he sent young Timothy. Later, Paul sent Timothy as emissary to Corinth, where he preached for some time.

Paul called Timothy his "beloved and faithful child in the Lord." When Paul was imprisoned in Rome, it's Timothy he asked to "come before winter" to comfort him.

Eusebius, the fourth century historian, says that after Paul's death, Timothy became the first bishop of Ephesus, probably at around age 40. He outlived Paul by 30 years, and, according to one tradition, was present at the death of the Virgin Mary, whose tomb is said to be near Ephesus. This tradition also says that because he protested festivities honoring Artemis, he was stoned to death in 97. His relics were brought to Constantinople in 356.

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