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Sermon Illustrations about Love for Christ

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Love for Christ to help bring your sermon to life.

Doctor Killed in Afghanistan Had Already Died in Christ

In 1967, a student named Libby attended with her boyfriend, Tom. During the final commitment evening, both submitted their lives to the Lord. For 30 years, ...

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Love Your Work like a Dog Chasing a Ball

At the 2013 commencement speech at MIT, Drew Houston, the founder of Dropbox said:

When I think about it, the happiest and most successful people I know ...

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Former Baseball Star Gives Up His Idol

In January of 2010, Grant Desme shocked the baseball world by announcing his retirement from the game. Only 23 at the time, the second-round draft choice ...

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Award-winning Writer Can't Get Over His "Jesus Phase"

John Jeremiah Sullivan, an award-winning writer who has been compared to the famous contemporary writers Tom Wolfe and David Foster Wallace, had what ...

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Elie Wiesel Profoundly Impacted by Christian Writer

In his book Connecting Christ, Paul Metzger retells the story of the friendship between the Jewish writer Elie Wiesel and the French Christian writer ...

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78-year-old Christian Leader Renews His Commitment to Christ

Soon after the publication of John Stott's 1971 revised edition of Basic Christian, he received a letter that read:

Dear John,
Thank you for writing ...

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Christmas Carol Points to the Gift Christ Wants—Our Hearts

In 1872 the poet Christina Rossetti wrote a poem that only appeared after her death. About thirty years later the poem was set to music and titled "A ...

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Many Christians Just "Play with the Box" of God's Gift

Pastor Paul Tripp writes:

I gave birth to a son who just doesn't understand gifts. My wife and I would go out when he was a little guy to buy what ...

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Baseball Star Albert Pujols: Jesus Satisfies My Soul Forever"

Albert Pujols, the first baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals, is a World Series champ, an eight-time All Star, the recipient of three National League ...

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The Relentlessly Undermining Work of Christ

Jesus relentlessly undermines all that is not god to make room for the God who has redeemed our hearts.

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