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"Song for My Sons": Sara Groves on Leaving a Legacy

In an interview with Carolyn Arends, singer and songwriter Sara Groves explains why she begins her 2007 album Tell Me What You Know, which primarily addresses social issues, with "Song for My Sons":

I wondered how my kids would finish the statement, "My mother always said … " What would they say? Besides, "You get what you get," "Don't throw a fit," and "That doesn't fit in your nose"? I would hope there was something that stood out as the message of my life.
"Song for My Sons" is based on Matthew 24:12–13, where Jesus tells the disciples that in the end times, there will be an increase of evil. He says, "The love of most will grow cold, but some will stand firm to the end and they'll be saved." I think my sons will face things that I can't even comprehend. And that evil, that darkness, that hurt will make them want to shut their hearts. Even now believers are shutting up their hearts and they're closing the windows and locking the doors. But Jesus says, "I want you to keep your door open in the face of terrorism, in the face of all the ills that the world has to offer. I want you to keep your heart open and love your God and love your neighbor."

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