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Sermon Illustrations about Lordship of Christ

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Lordship of Christ to help bring your sermon to life.

Stats on Americans' TV Viewing Habits

In a nationwide 2014 survey Barna found the following stats about Americans' TV viewing habits:

  • 74 percent of Americans turn on their TV everyday
  • 5 percent don't watch any TV

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Yoga Instructor Urges Trust in the Goddess within You

Yoga Journal is a popular American magazine that has almost two million monthly readers. A recent article by Sally Kempton, an internationally recognized ...

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What Happens in One Minute Around the World

A minute is a funny amount of time. It's long enough to notice, but it's too short to do much of anything with. There are only about five hundred thousand ...

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Christian Woman Helps Bury Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was the older of the two brothers who set the bombs in Boston, the one who died in the process of the chase. Since the tragedy, no cemetery ...

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Delay Is One Way We Disobey God

If you are willingly submitting to God, you do it right away and without delay. You don't say, "I'll start obeying God tomorrow." Delay is just one of ...

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Navy Admiral 'Turns a Blind Eye' to Order

Perhaps you've heard the phrase "turn a blind eye," which means to ignore undesirable information. The saying comes from a 19th century British naval ...

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Christ's Resurrection Disrupts Our 'Safe' Lives

A skeptical friend once asked pastor and author William Willimon, "Why do you need a supernaturally resurrected body of Jesus to make your faith work?" ...

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Pitching to Jesus—and Refusing to Take His Signals

I've imagined this scene in my head: I'm playing baseball with Jesus. The stands are full of fans, but out there on the field it's just him and me. I'm ...

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Failure to Count the Cost in Building Projects

Apparently many people don't know how to count the cost for their building projects. That's why cost overruns, which stem from "an underestimation of ...

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Gandalf Sends Bilbo on an Unwanted Adventure

At the beginning of The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins enjoys a comfortable and predictable life in his home in the Shire. But when the mysterious Gandalf drops ...

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