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Christ's Resurrection Disrupts Our 'Safe' Lives

A skeptical friend once asked pastor and author William Willimon, "Why do you need a supernaturally resurrected body of Jesus to make your faith work?"

Willimon replied:

I don't need a resurrected Jesus. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I want a resurrected Jesus. In fact, [in one sense] a resurrected Jesus is a real nuisance for me, personally. I've got a good life, I've figured out how to work the world, on the whole, to the advantage of me and my friends and family. My health is good, and everybody close to me is doing fine. I have the illusion that I'm in control, that I'm making a so significant contribution to help Jesus … on my own. No, I don't need a bodily resurrected Jesus. In fact, [once I truly embrace the resurrection of Jesus], my life would become much more difficult.
[So] when the possibility of resurrection really comes through to you, when the rumor that something's afoot becomes a reality for you, well, you can see why the women [in the Gospel stories] were scared that first Easter.

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