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Sermon Illustrations about Lies

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Lies to help bring your sermon to life.

Captain Refused to Acknowledge He Was Lost

On September 3, 1989, Varig Airlines Flight 254 was at Brazil's Maraba Airport preparing for takeoff. Under normal circumstances the hop to nearby Belém ...

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Minister Wins Stray Dog

A clergyman was walking down the street when he came to a group of about a dozen boys between 10 and 12 years of age. The boys surrounded an old dog. ...

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Humans with Lie Detecting Ability

Maureen O'Sullivan is a deception expert. She says that even though most people believe they can easily detect when someone is lying, they are wrong 50 ...

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Greed Leads to Shopper's Trampling Claim

In November 2003, a sale on DVD players at a Florida Wal-Mart created a rush of shoppers that apparently resulted in one woman being trampled.

Patricia ...

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Mislabeling Fish for Profit

When is red snapper not red snapper? When a DNA test declares it otherwise.

Species of fish like sheepshead, porgies, and grunts are similar to red snapper ...

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Cellphones Establish False Alibis

As if cellphones couldn't do enough already, now they are being used to create alibis. Alibi networks are emerging in the U.S., Europe, and parts of Asia. ...

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Astronomer Edwin Hubble Lied to Enhance His Image

Few people have had as many natural endowments or achievements to feel proud of as Edwin Hubble, the astronomer for whom the Hubble Space Telescope was ...

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Sin Is Like Shopping with a $1 Million Bill

When I heard about Alice Pike's arrest, two questions came to mind. Alice is the woman who tried to pay for her Wal-Mart purchases with a $1 million bill. ...

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Reader's Digest Survey about Honesty

In a Reader's Digest survey of 2,624 readers, the percentage of those who said they had:

1. Called in sick at work when not ill: 63
2. Taken office supplies ...

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High School Quarterback Prizes Integrity Above Record

As seventeen-year-old Nate Hassis left the football field on Saturday, October 25, 2003, the senior quarterback at Springfield Southeast High School was ...

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