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Sermon Illustrations about Leisure

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Leisure to help bring your sermon to life.

Medieval Peasants Had More Vacation Time than Many of Us

Life for a medieval peasant was no picnic. His life was shadowed by fear of famine, disease, and bursts of warfare. But you might envy him for one ...

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Too Many Vitamins Can Harm Your Body

Your mom made you take your vitamins. Without vitamins, your body would develop skeletal defects, eye impairments, dermatitis, anemia—in essence, ...

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The Film WALL-E on the Goodness of Work

The animated movie WALL-E is a cute story about a curious robot whose job is to clean up a trashed earth. While humans once inhabited the earth, we soon ...

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Film Critic Can no Longer Tolerate Violent Films

In the 1990s Rod Dreher was working as a professional film critic who reviewed numerous films with graphic violence. But just before the birth of his ...

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You Must Have Roots to Provide Shade

In his book Sensing Jesus, Zack Eswine shares about a time of intense busyness and over-commitment. Many people tried to get his attention, but he refused ...

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Frank Lloyd Wright on Paying Attention

The renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright once told of an incident that perhaps seemed insignificant at the time, but had a profound influence on the ...

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Olympian Runner Shares One Secret to His Success—Rest

Bernard Lagat knows a lot about long-distance running. Lagat, a Kenyan-born citizen of the U.S., is a four-time Olympian. He owns seven American records, ...

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Statistics Reveal How We Spend Our Leisure Time

According to the 2012 "American Time Use Study" conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American full-time worker has exactly 2 ...

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The Mall of America Is Our Favorite Tourist Attraction

In a discussion about what lies at the heart of American culture, scholar David Henderson says, "America's favorite tourist attraction, beating ...

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Farmers Need to Pause and Sharpen Their Blades

Once, when my wife, Gail, and I were hiking the high meadows of the Swiss Alps, we saw two farmers cutting the high-standing mountain grasses with scythes, ...

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