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Sermon Illustrations about Knowledge of God

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Knowledge of God to help bring your sermon to life.

Lack of Faith in the Reformation Nation

When Aaron Köhler tries to talk to people in Cottbus, Germany, about Jesus, church, and faith, he can’t assume they know what he’s talking ...

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Why God Won’t Answer Right Away

In nature, red skin signals that a tomato is ripe. But this is not necessarily true of tomatoes that have been forced to turn red. It is entirely possible, ...

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Exploring the Real Jesus

When Christopher Columbus reached the Caribbean in 1492, he named the inhabitants "Indians." He thought he had reached what Europeans of the ...

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Secular Jewish Writer Comes to Faith in Christ

The popular novelist Andrew Klavan was raised in a non-practicing Jewish home. For about the first 45 years of his life, he lived as a "philosophical ...

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Atheist Finds it Hard to Shake God

An article in the Washington Post is titled "I'm an atheist. So why can't I shake God?" and it suggests that it's "hard to believe in nothing when your ...

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A Not-So-Golden Escape

The California Highway Patrol encountered a sparkly surprise during a recent traffic stop: a suspect covered in gold spray paint. While off-duty, an officer ...

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Let's Gogh to the Movies

Even if you don't know much about art, chances are you could recognize a Vincent van Gogh painting. The colors, the swirls of paint, the starry nights ...

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Google, the Oracle

Some tech companies think they can help you know your future. Imagine a personal assistant—like Apple's Siri—that could provide you with ...

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Doctor Explores the Medical Miracle of the Resurrection

Thomas A. Miller, a surgeon and researcher, explores the miracle of Christ's resurrection from a medical angle. Dr. Miller notes that the body contains ...

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Mount Rushmore Points to Its Designer/Creator

You and your friend are hiking in the Black Hills of South Dakota. As you round a hill, you come upon a sight that stops you in your tracks. In front ...

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