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God Knows Us Better Than Artificial Intelligence

Baseball scouts are constantly looking for new talent, but Major League Baseball is now partnering with Uplift Labs, a biomechanics company, which “says it can document a prospect’s specific movement patterns using just two iPhone cameras.”

Uplift says it uses artificial intelligence to translate the images captured by the phone cameras into metrics that can quantify elements of player movement. It believes the data it generates can detect player’s flaws, forecast their potential, and flag their potential for injury.

Baseball scouts suddenly have a lot more information in their search for the mythical “five-tool player who has speed, fielding, fielding prowess, can hit for average and power and possess arm strength. Gone are the days when teams relied on a scout’s career’s worth of anecdata to determine how the player might perform at the big leagues.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, talents and liabilities. God knows us inside and out, better than anyone else, even ourselves or artificial intelligence.

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