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Sermon Illustrations about Issues

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Issues to help bring your sermon to life.

No Other Explanation Than God’s Grace

In an issue of Christianity Today, Glenn Pearson shares the story of his journey to faith:

You’re probably familiar with the popular arcade game ...

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Football Team Takes Stand Against Gun Violence

Amidst updates about the spring football season, the official Twitter account for the University of Oregon football team posted an unusual video. It featured ...

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When the Game Is Over, Where Do Our Avatars Go?

In a recent issue of Wired, Zak Jason writes:

In the 2003 Major League Baseball season, Oreo Queefs stood five-foot-zero, weighed 385 pounds, and, impossibly, ...

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Business Consultant Claims the 'Best Story Wins'

Business consultant Morgan Housel claims that the best arguments seldom win the day; it’s the best story that changes minds and hearts. Housel writes: ...

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Millennials Are Choosing Pizza, Push-Ups, and Video Games Over Church

The New York Post recently stated, "Millennials Are Choosing Pizza, Push-Ups and Video Games Over Church." The article quoted a NYU professor ...

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Diseased Woman Stands Against Stem Cells

"To me, that is another life."

—Crohn's disease patient Kathy Duffey, on why she insisted that any procedure using stem cells to ...

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Music Influences a Teen Killer

"I used to think, This ain't affecting me, you'd have to be weak-minded to let this stuff affect you, and the whole time it affected me." ...

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Not Strange Bedfellows

Many "sophisticated" political and social commentators complain that issues like school prayer are "distractions" having nothing to ...

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