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Football Team Takes Stand Against Gun Violence

Amidst updates about the spring football season, the official Twitter account for the University of Oregon football team posted an unusual video. It featured the voice of head coach Dan Lanning and several Oregon football players decrying the state gun violence as statistics flashed onscreen. Its conclusion: “End gun violence, choose love and unity.”

Lanning says the idea for the video came out of a series of meetings that players have every week where they are encouraged to discuss important issues outside of football. According to Lanning, it was an idea whose time had obviously come. He said:

I think it’s really convenient at times for coaches to not bring up tough subjects, but you look at the world over the last couple of months, last couple of weeks, and there’s people shot for knocking on the wrong door, pulling into the wrong driveway, mass shootings at different locations, it obviously was a topic that is important to our players. And, we feel like we have a voice to maybe do something about it.

Lanning says he was also motivated by the desire to demonstrate that players can make a difference. “The goal here is hopefully we can bring a humane response back to, how do we help save lives? That’s the point.”

Lanning says he’s felt a hunger for more substantive conversations around important issues as far back as 2020 when he was an assistant coach for the Georgia Bulldogs. He said, “I remember saying to our team at Georgia at the time, if three years later we’re not still having the same discussions and not talking about issues, we’re making a mistake.”

Possible Preaching Angle:

When we value the sanctity of human life, we honor the God who created humanity.

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