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Sermon Illustrations about Insignificance

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Insignificance to help bring your sermon to life.

NFL Star Lambasts Shallow Prayers

Fran Tarkenton, a former All-Pro quarterback who led his team to three Super Bowls, wrote an article for The Wall Street Journal lambasting himself and ...

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Country Bumpkin Lawyer Surprises His Legal Team

In the 1840s a court case based in Chicago captured the attention of the entire nation. Labeled "The Reaper Case," it centered on the patenting of farm ...

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Joni Eareckson Tada Needed at Disaster Site

In the aftermath of the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City, author and speaker Joni Eareckson Tada was invited to be part of a Christian ...

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Ben Stein on Life's True Priorities

Author and actor Ben Stein wrote a column published by E!Online for nearly eight years. Titled "Monday Night at Morton's," the column detailed ...

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Pennies Amount to Something

Pennies are a dime a dozen (to coin a phrase). Without much effort, one could find a penny on the floor or in a parking lot. We may even pass one without ...

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"Emperor's Club": Ambition Without Contribution Is Insignificant

In the movie Emperor's Club Kevin Cline portrays an instructor of Western civilization in a prestigious private school. It is the first day of class, ...

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"Antz": Search for Significance

In an early scene from the movie Antz, the camera pans down from a far away view of a big city to blades of grass to below the grass and into a room. ...

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Part of a Bigger Plan

Faith gets tested when a sense of God's presence fades or when the very ordinances of life make us question whether our responses even matter.

We wonder, ...

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Charles Schulz: Lover of Losers

With the death of "Peanuts" cartoonist Charles Schulz, many commented on his ability to reflect on the sadnesses of real life through the experiences ...

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The Passing Parade

If anything should put the "superstar" in his place, it's the fact that an interpreter's fame is ephemeral. ... The main thing is that the composers will ...

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