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Waffle House Restaurants Demonstrate Hospitality

In Time Magazine's recent issue in which it identified "240 Reasons to Celebrate America Right Now," number 77 was none other than the lowly, but always open Waffle House. According to writer Ben Goldberger, "it's so dependable that FEMA has a so-called Waffle House Index for disasters; if the locations are closed, you know things are bad."

Those who sing its praises do so not because of the food but, according to one customer, "There's no ego, no pretension … it's welcoming to all." Daniel Humm, the proprietor of the high-end New York restaurant, Eleven Madison Park reported from his visit, "It was a reminder of how important hospitality is. We just felt so taken care of."

Possible Preaching Angles: In our day when there is so much focus on and written about making the church bigger, let us not forget the power of simple Christ-centered hospitality. The church should be a place where there is no ego, no pretense; a place where people can say "we just felt so taken care of."

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