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Sermon Illustrations about Ignorance

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Ignorance to help bring your sermon to life.

Rapper Wants to Prove the Earth Is Flat

Remember how we all learned in elementary school that people used to think the world was flat? Well, in case you didn't know: The Flat Earth Society still ...

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The Phrase 'A Mile Wide and an Inch Deep'

In 1889, American journalist and humorist Edgar Nye introduced the phrase "A mile wide and an inch deep." He was referring to a river found in the Midwestern ...

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Pride and the 1986 Challenger Disaster

On January 28, 1986, NASA was planning to launch the space shuttle Challenger from Kennedy Space Center—a mission that included a schoolteacher ...

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Americans Display Extreme Over-confidence

[Americans] have tremendous faith in themselves. In 1950, the Gallup organization asked high school seniors, "Are you a very important person?" And at ...

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Our Reluctance to Say 'I Don't Know'

In their book Think Like a Freak, economists Steven Levitt and Stephan Dubner state, "It has long been said that the three hardest words to say in the ...

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The Three Hardest Words in the English language

Can you guess what the three hardest words in the English language are? Maybe "I love you?" What about, "I trust you." Well, in their ...

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The Dangers of Peephole Driving

As the recent winter approached, USA Today writer Larry Copeland wrote a story about the danger of "peephole" driving. Anyone who lives in the ...

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Dragons Stalk the Unknown

Most people are afraid of the unknown. Those things we have never seen or experienced can seem overwhelming.

On the old maps, back before the world was ...

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The Teacher Who Couldn't Read

Do you ever feel that if anyone found out the truth about you, you'd be finished? Do you go through life basically trying to convince others that ...

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Truck Strikes Wheelchair

At 3:30 p.m. on June 6, 2007, a 21-year-old man with muscular dystrophy named Ben Carpenter drove his electric-powered wheelchair down the sidewalk in ...

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