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Sermon Illustrations about Identity in Christ

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Identity in Christ to help bring your sermon to life.

J. I. Packer on Being God's Child

"You sum up the whole of New Testament teaching in a single phrase, if you speak of it as a revelation of the Fatherhood of the holy Creator. In ...

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Study Shows Dogs and Owners Resemble Each Other

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego produced a study showing that people and their dogs often look alike. In the study, a panel of ...

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San Diego Chicken Loses His Identity

You probably know Ted Giannoulas even if you've never heard his name. He has been the San Diego Chicken for 30 years. But Ted is getting older. At ...

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Homeless Man's Hymn Becomes a Powerful Testimony

In A Cup of Coffee at the Soul Café, Leonard Sweet tells the story of the making of a film by two Londoners. In 1971 they began to film street ...

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Boy Given New York's Longest Name

Dalton Conley is a sociologist at New York University. He and his wife, Natalie Jeremijenko, have two children. They recently sought permission with the ...

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"Gladiator": Power of Jesus' Name

Set in A.D. 180, Gladiator tells the story of General Maximus Decimus Meridius (played by Russell Crowe), who was about to be given reigning authority ...

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"Toy Story": Belonging to God

In Disney's animated movie Toy Story, Woody (a plush toy cowboy) confronts Buzz Lightyear (a toy astronaut) with the fact that he is only an action ...

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God's Voice through Another

Two days ago I was kneeling in prayer in the front room of our house at 6:30 in the morning. I'd just confessed sins and was asking God for a blessing ...

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Name Shouldn't Be Sold

Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, offered WGN Chicago Radio sports-talk host David Kaplan $50,000 to change his name legally to "Dallas ...

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Attacking Others, Hurting Jesus

A young lady named Sally took a seminary class taught by Professor Smith, who was known for his elaborate object lessons. One day Sally walked into class ...

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