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Sermon Illustrations about Humble

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Humble to help bring your sermon to life.

He Must Increase

Every young student knows of Isaac Newton's famed encounter with a falling apple. Newton discovered and introduced the laws of gravity in the 1600s, ...

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Missing an Ocean of Truth

I don't know what I may seem to the world, but, as to myself, I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the sea shore, and diverting myself in ...

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Guileless as Children

Now, as always, God discovers Himself to "babes" and hides Himself in thick darkness from the wise and the prudent. We must simplify our approach ...

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Heaven Helps the Humble

Christ sends none away empty but those who are full of themselves.

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Hopelessness Breeds Blessing

Our Lord begins where we would never begin, at the point of human destitution. The greatest blessing a man ever gets from God is the realization that, ...

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All for Jesus

He cannot bless us unless he has us. When we try to keep within us an area that is our own, we try to keep an area of death. Therefore, in love, He claims ...

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The Key to Power

Humility is the key to experiencing God's power.

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Imperfect Blessings

For years I never felt I measured up to all I thought the Lord wanted me to be, or all I thought I should be. Satan convinced me that since I wasn't ...

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Honest Stumblers

If we have integrity, we don't hide our stumble; we don't act like we didn't.

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Service before Self

How can I illustrate what Paul is trying to say [in (Philippians 1:21-26)]? With the story of Dr. Paul Toaspern, a brilliant man, a theologian, who lived ...

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