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Sermon Illustrations about Human Trafficking

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Human Trafficking to help bring your sermon to life.

Working with Believers Started a Journey to Christ

Sometimes the journey to Christ begins when someone encounters horrendous evil. At other times the journey to Christ starts as the nonbeliever joins with ...

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‘Doctor Miracle’ Follows Jesus’ Calling

In a recent book, Rebecca McLaughlin writes:

In 2018, ISIS victim Nadia Murad, shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Congolese physician Denis Mukwege. Dr. ...

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The Faith and Courage of Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was born into slavery on a Maryland plantation in 1822. As she grew up, she was made to work driving oxen, trapping muskrats in the woods, ...

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The Average Price for a Trafficked Human—$90

Does ninety dollars seem like a lot of money? A new reading tablet or a piece of home fitness equipment might be a steal at that price. On some days, ...

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Fighting Human Trafficking Requires Absolutes

In his book Visions of Vocation, Christian author and thinker Stephen Garber tells the story of meeting a woman who directed the Protection Project, an ...

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Self-Worship Is at the Heart of Sin

Self-worship is at the heart of all kinds of evils. Greed, lust, selfishness, fear—all are forms of self-worship … [Here's a graphic example ...

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Attorney Explains How We Allow Human Trafficking

People sometimes ask, How could sex trafficking happen in America's small towns or big cities? Julie Waters, a family law attorney and director of Free ...

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Headlines for Sex Trafficking in the U.S.

Ernie Allen, the Director of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, says that human trafficking occurs when people "are owned by ...

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Statistics about Human Trafficking

Globally, trafficking in persons is one of the fastest-growing criminal activities, second behind drug trafficking. Here are some statistics about ...

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