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Attorney Explains How We Allow Human Trafficking

People sometimes ask, How could sex trafficking happen in America's small towns or big cities? Julie Waters, a family law attorney and director of Free the Captives ministries, offers the following scenario of human trafficking that occurs every day in American towns and big cities:

We turn a blind eye to the 15 year old inner city girl who is being trafficked. Why? Because we turned a blind eye when she was three-years-old being severely neglected by her mother. We didn't see the empty fridge or the apartment without electricity. We turned a blind eye when she was seven-years-old and being raped by her uncle. We turned a blind eye when she was 13 and started missing school and running away from home. And now today when she is forced to sleep with 10 men a night by her pimp at the age of 15, we turn a blind eye because we never saw her to begin with.

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