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Sermon Illustrations about Honor

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Honor to help bring your sermon to life.

"A Knight's Tale": Jesus Honors His Ancestors

The movie A Knight's Tale, set in medieval England, tells the story of a young would-be knight named Ulrich. In those days, men had to be descended from ...

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Filmmaker Excludes Latinos in World War II Documentary

It's not all that hard to argue that Ken Burns is the biggest name in the world of documentaries. His stirring works about the Civil War, baseball, and ...

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The Powerful Act of Naming

In the article "Leading by Naming," Mark Labberton speaks of the power names carry:

Every day our naming of the people around us gives life and takes ...

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"Freedom Writers": Everyday Heroes

The movie Freedom Writers is based on actual accounts and the book The Freedom Writers Diary. It tells the story of a young teacher, Erin Gruwell (Hilary ...

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President Bush Still Obeys His Mother

First Lady Laura Bush recalls one overnight visit with her husband in the home of his parents, the former President and Mrs. Bush.

"George woke up at 6 ...

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Man Remembers Soldiers Through Christmas Tradition

Every December since 1992, Morrill Worcester, owner of one of the world's largest holiday wreath companies, has taken time in the midst of his busiest ...

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Teacher Misspeaks on Valentine's Day

A woman in our church presented the children's sermon one February Sunday, telling the kids about Valentine's Day and how we use it to honor the people ...

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"BraveHeart": Fighting for Freedom

The film Braveheart tells the story of William Wallace (Mel Gibson), a common man who led Scotland to freedom from English rule. With a great sense of ...

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The Origin of Mother's Day

Have you ever wondered when Americans started celebrating Mother's Day? The holiday was born out of one woman's desire to honor her mother's life of sacrifice ...

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USC Tailback Honors His Mother

Sultan McCullough, a former tailback for the University of Southern California football team, honored his mother in a unique way—he had her name ...

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