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Sermon Illustrations about Homosexuality

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Homosexuality to help bring your sermon to life.

Natural Does Not Always Mean Good

Many people justify their participation in a variety of behaviors by calling them "natural." However, the following quote from M. Scott Peck reveals the ...

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Columnist Argues for Homosexuality

How do people argue for the church to accept the practice of homosexuality? Here is how Chicago Tribune correspondent Charlie Madigan reasons:

One of the ...

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Comedian Comments on Gay Marriage

Christian comedian Brad Stine weighed in on the gay marriage debate with this insightful line:

"Guys want to marry guys? Cowards."

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Bishop Advocates Heresy Over Division

"If you must make a choice between heresy and schism, always choose heresy."

—Peter James Lee, one of 60 Episcopal bishops who voted to ...

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Elton John on Boundaries

Pop singer Elton John told the German magazine Amica:

I am gay and wouldn't want to be heterosexual for all the money in the world….I've ...

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Breaking the Power of Secret Sin

My first counselor wore John Lennon glasses, jeans, and a thick sweater with a collar that cradled his inscrutable face. During the first three 90-minute ...

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Spitzer Says Homosexuals Can Change

Robert L. Spitzer, the Columbia University psychiatry professor who convinced the American Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality from its list ...

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Stop the Gay-Bashing

To demonstrate Christ's love, you have to drop the pejorative, gay-bashing language.

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