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Sermon Illustrations about Homosexuality

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Homosexuality to help bring your sermon to life.

Homosexuality: Wrong Side of History?

Pastor Kevin DeYoung responds to the assertion that Christians can no longer hold to traditional views of homosexuality. The argument usually goes like ...

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N.T. Wright: The Bible's Counter-Intuitive Sexual Ethic

In the interview with Jonathan Merritt, N.T. Wright said:

We need to remind ourselves that the entire biblical sexual ethic is deeply counter-intuitive. ...

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Young Christian Trusts God with Same-Sex Attraction

Author and professor Wesley Hill recounts a time as a young adult when he was struggling with the loneliness of living with same-sex attractions. So he ...

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Time Magazine's Transgender Cover Story

Time magazine ran an article titled "The Transgender Tipping Point" about the next civil rights battleground—transgenderism. In response, ...

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Susan Sarandon Rejects Church but Fears Death

In a recent (2014) interview, actress and social activist Susan Sarandon talked about having long-given up on "organized religion." Sarandon who "nurtures ...

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The 'Jesus Never Mentioned Homosexuality' Line Strikes Again

I'm sure you've heard the following two popular lines of thought regarding homosexuality: 1) Jesus never mentioned it so we shouldn't either; ...

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Same-Sex Marriage, Single Christians, and the Church

Christianity Today's Katelyn Beaty has a fantastic article exploring a much-needed angle on same-sex marriage. Beaty claims, "Much of churches' ...

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Man Reflects on His Struggle with Same-Sex Attraction

Sam Allberry, an Anglican minister from Great Britain, recently shared about his struggle with same-sex attraction. Allberry wrote:

Homosexuality ...

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A Former Lesbian Transformed by Christian Hospitality

At the age of 36, Rosaria Champagne Butterfield was a recently tenured professor in the Center for Women's Study at Syracuse University. Rosaria and her ...

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How the Church Should Address Homosexuality

How should the church speak to our culture about homosexuality? Since there are many different subgroups in the world, it all depends on which group we're ...

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