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Sermon Illustrations about Holy Spirit, Gifts of

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Holy Spirit, Gifts of to help bring your sermon to life.

A Revival that Washed Away the "Color Line"

God is no respecter of persons, especially when it comes to the gifts of the Spirit. For an example from recent church history, consider the beginning ...

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A Parable about a Painter Reflects the Gifts of the Spirit

Once upon a time there was a famous house builder and painter. After designing the homes, he would then build and paint them. As a painter, he was such ...

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Chuck Swindoll on the Power of the Holy Spirit
By the time I graduated from [seminary], I had many convictions and few questions, especially regarding the Holy Spirit …. But during a lifetime ...

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"Drumline": Band Instruments Each Have Special Role

The movie Drumline explores the maturation process of a talented percussionist from Harlem who receives a full-ride scholarship to play in Atlanta A&T ...

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Margaret Thatcher on Spirit's Agenda

When Christians meet…their purpose is not—or should not be—to ascertain what is the mind of the majority, but what is the mind of the ...

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Supernatural Vision

As our plane ascended out of San Antonio, it passed an enclave of mansions. These homes had to contain at least seven to ten thousand square feet of space, ...

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Church Father Tertullian on Trinity

It is an image of the Trinity as a plant, with the Father as a deep root, the Son as the shoot that breaks forth into the world, and the Spirit as that ...

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Pentecost As Invitation to Dance

Pentecost, the day on which we are indwelt by the Spirit, sweeps us up into the dance of the Trinity. We are summoned to the dance floor, [and] the music ...

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Superpower Fantasies

The top single superpower adults would most like to have:

To read minds: 28 percent To fly: 15 percent To be invisible: 11 percent To possess super ...

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Stir Up Your Gifts

Reverend Thomas Tewell writes:

My friend Andy Eddington, once the president of Shriner College in Texas, would go to prisons and preach to men on death ...

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