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Prophet Speaks to Denzel Washington

In a "60 Minutes" interview with Ed Bradley, Denzel Washington spoke of a pivotal moment in his life.

Washington was in college at the time and was dealing with questions about his future. As he sat in a chair in his mother's beauty salon, he saw an elderly lady in the mirror. She stared at Denzel and suddenly spoke to his mother, saying, "Give me a piece of paper; I have a word for [Denzel]." On the paper she wrote, "You will speak to millions."

When Denzel asked his mother who the woman was, she said, "She's one of the oldest women at Mt. Vernon [Denzel's church], and she has the gift of prophecy." Washington pointed to that day as a defining moment in his life. Though Washington is one of Hollywood's busiest actors, his faith is an essential part of his life; he prays and attends church regularly.

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