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Sermon Illustrations about History

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on History to help bring your sermon to life.

We Are Not the Church of Chicken Little

It would be tempting, as the calendar (changes to) 2021, to view 2020 as a nightmare that will soon pass and quickly be forgotten. Take a mulligan year ...

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When Abundant Evidence is Not Enough

Mary Jo Sharp writes in her book, Why I Still Believe, “There’s something else going on here. Humans don’t always ‘believe it ...

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The Power of Preference to Shape Beliefs

Writer/historian John Dickson writes about a social media post that annoyed his atheist friends. It was a portion of a 1929 interview of Albert Einstein ...

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Getting on the ‘Right Side of History’

The expression “on the right side of history” is an important tool today used by the progressive elite to silence biblically faithful Christians. ...

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Remembrance of the Lord's Supper Provides Spiritual Mooring

In a 2017 lecture, Mark Meynell addressed the connection between identity and memory:

BBC Radio 3, the U.K.'s primary classical music station, ran ...

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A Scientist Asks, 'Is There Evidence for Easter?'

Editor's Note: This is a very long illustration, so here are two suggestions: First, you could use the opening and closing quotes from Dr. Swamidass' ...

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One Child Changes History

A picture of a drowned Syrian boy fleeing the war-torn region took over the headlines, and even impacted how European leaders responded to the fleeing ...

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How the World Has Changed During Your Life

"This is your story, the story of your life on earth," says an online tool from the BBC that allows you to enter your birth date and see how ...

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We Must Follow the Facts about Christ's Resurrection

After analyzing 600 pages worth of arguments for and against the historicity of Christ's resurrection, Dr. Michael R. Licona concludes that "a good critical ...

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"Defiance": Faith Restored in the Face of Death

Defiance tells the story of the survival of over a thousand Eastern European Jews who hid in the forest during the Nazis' horrific reign. They were led ...

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