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Sermon Illustrations about Hindrances

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Hindrances to help bring your sermon to life.

Wilma Rudolph Overcame Obstacles to Win Olympic Gold

Wilma Rudolph was the 20th of 22 children. Born prematurely, doctors did not expect Wilma to survive. She did, but at the age of four, she contracted ...

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"Endurance": Destroying Hindrances

Endurance is the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton's daring expedition to cross the Antarctic. In August of 1914, Shackleton and 27 crewmen boarded The ...

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Criminal Finds Robbery Stressful

Rafiq Abdul Mortland clearly needed to choose another career. The 38-year-old found that what he was doing put him under pressure, not to mention that ...

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Memories of Chains Keep Elephants in Place

In his book Teaching the Elephant to Dance, James Belasco describes how trainers shackle young elephants with heavy chains to deeply embedded stakes. ...

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Danger of Bitterness

Secrets can be destructive, no matter how long they've been buried, as residents of a Ukraine village found out. The Associated Press reported their ...

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Persevering through Pain

Author and pastor Gary Preston writes:

Recently I read about a professional hockey player who is a star of the NHL team in the metro area near where I ...

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Better or Best?

Any housewife knows that the best way to remember the things she meant to do and forgot is to start praying. They will come to her mind to divert her ...

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Learning to Discard "Necessities"

In Jules Verne's novel The Mysterious Island, he tells of five men who escape a Civil War prison camp by hijacking a hot air balloon. As they rise ...

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Opportunity in Hardship

Jacques Plante was an amazing man. His career as a goaltender for the Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, St. Louis Blues, The Toronto Maple Leafs and ...

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When a Door Closes

When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for ...

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