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Sermon Illustrations about Habits

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Find fresh sermon illustrations on Habits to help bring your sermon to life.

Connecticut Middle School Successfully Bans Phones

Assistant Principal Raymond Dolphin knew he was taking a risk in December 2021 when he banned cell phones from Illing Middle School in Connecticut. But ...

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Introverts Have Taken Over the Economy

The pandemic has brought many changes to businesses, schools, and churches. Another way the pandemic altered America: It has created what might be called ...

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Ben Affleck Credits the Love of God

For years, Ben Affleck wrestled with alcohol addiction. A consequence, he says, of having an alcoholic father. But the actor shared that he was in a much ...

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A ‘Typewriter Rebellion’ Is Underway

You might call it the sound of a rebellion. Young people in the Phoenix, Arizona valley are buying old manual typewriters and using them as a creative ...

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The Only Kid in Class Without a Cell Phone

Kaylee and Mike Low have four children. When their oldest son, now aged 14, started asking for a cell phone back in the fourth grade, they both said no. ...

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What Makes New Habits Stick?

A landmark study by researchers in the UK found that simple health habits, such as eating a piece of fruit with lunch or running for 15 minutes before ...

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Successful Men's Ministry Meeting Needs

In a 2019 PBS documentary America Lost, filmmaker Christopher Rufo explores the devastating plight of three of America's forgotten cities: Youngstown, ...

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Smartphones and Distracted Drivers

It’s frustrating to public safety officials that there is so little publicly available data on the role that smartphones play in distracting drivers ...

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The Addictive Nature of Online Gaming

In 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially recognized "internet gaming disorder" (IGD). Addicts play pathologically. They can't ...

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Marijuana Use Soars and Causes Great Harm

Teen marijuana use has been soaring, and is up nearly 250% just since 2017. The common argument is that unlike “hard drugs,” marijuana is ...

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